When Sustainability and Business Come Together, Everybody Wins

Earlier this year the City of Ottawa adopted its Air Quality and Climate Change Management Plan, demonstrating how the City is taking action to reduce GHG emissions. At the same time, the Ottawa Centre Eco-District continues to gain momentum, engaging stakeholders in the downtown core to collectively reduce their environmental footprint. 141006_Building Sustainable Partnerships

The first is the Egg Farmers of Canada (EFC), which is headquartered in Ottawa and has made sustainability a core part of its vision. As an industry organization, EFC recognizes the importance of leading by example. It’s an example that has been recognized as, in September, EFC was the 2014 recipient of the Crystal Egg Award for outstanding commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Egg Farmers of Canada was able to accomplish this in part by working with many other national organisations, such as Breakfast Club of Canada and Food Banks Canada, to promote healthy living at home and in the classroom. Among many initiatives, Egg Farmers of Canada recently took part in a Heart and Stroke Foundation fundraising activity, gives staff time to volunteer and is now choosing green energy with Bullfrog Power, a step taken under EFC’s Office Green Initiative that aims to reduce the company’s environmental impact.

Another organization that is putting sustainability first is Green Rebel, an Ottawa catering firm that, according to its website, is “committed to providing fresh delicious, nutritionally dense food in an environmentally responsible way.” Interestingly, Green Rebel also sees its own environmental practices in the context of Canada as a whole, noting that Canada is not yet a leader when it comes to environmental protection.

Green Rebel is proudest of its commitment to fighting climate change. One initiative is its “Rebel Bowl Program,” which helps to reduce the amount of fast food packaging in Canadian landfills by providing reusable salad bowl. Some of the organization’s other initiatives include biodegradable packaging made from recycled paper and corn starch plastics as well as supporting green energy through Bullfrog Power.

The Egg Farmers of Canada and Green Rebel have their counterparts in across Ottawa from community renewable energy co-operatives like OREC (Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative) to environmental non-profits such as Ecology Ottawa. What they all have in common is that they are committed to taking action on climate change by supporting the transition to renewable forms of energy in addition to engaging in a variety of initiatives to reduce their overall environmental impact and improve the health of their communities.

And what this all adds up to for the City of Ottawa is a great opportunity to become a growing hub for forward thinking businesses that put sustainability, the environment and our community first.

How is your business making sustainability part of its core values? Join the conversation and let us know about your challenges and successes in the comments!



Graeme Cunningham is a sales manager at Bullfrog Power. For more information on how green energy can work for your business, visit bullfrogpower.com/smallbusiness or contact Graeme directly at graeme.cunningham@bullfrogpower.com.



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  1. Nice post, Graeme. We’re all for sustainability & business together. Cheers

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