Network Your Way to Success with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful business development tools ever created.  It enables companies to research, build new relationships, generate opportunities, connect with leads and establish trust.  It is also the perfect complement to traditional marketing efforts.141110-Linkedin

Unfortunately most companies only leverage a fraction of the benefits that LinkedIn provides.  From executives to decision makers, politicians to celebrities, almost anyone can be reached and new relationships can be forged quicker than ever before.  Every day business owners are creating new opportunities that otherwise would not have been possible if it weren’t for social media. Business development is evolving quicker than ever before.

A few words of caution, it’s not simple and you’re going to want to give up when you don’t get results after a few weeks.  But don’t give up! Take the time to learn and discover what works for you.  In a matter of months you’ll be glad that you made the effort. You don’t want to be leaving opportunities on the table for your competitors to pick up, do you?

Here’s an action plan for you to do only 30 minutes twice a week:

  • Connect with contacts you’ve met
  • Search for groups in your local area or target industries
  • Start a few new group discussions
  • Comment on recent discussions of interest
  • Research companies that you want as clients

These tasks will familiarize you with LinkedIn, expose you to new contacts and help build your reputation.  Each and every week you’ll find yourself gaining more momentum as new opportunities begin to present themselves.

Will you wait for business to come knocking, or, will you take matters into your own hands? The choice is yours.

If you wish to learn more, sign up for our FREE Network Your Way to Success with LinkedIn workshop on November 13th. Hurry, limited spots are available!




Brent Mondoux is a serial entrepreneur, seasoned investor, social media celebrity, and accomplished business leader. As CEO of N-VisionIT Interactive throughout its 15 year history, Brent has built a wealth of knowledge and experience in social media marketing and has helped many of clients reach their social media objectives.


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  1. Awesome info. Thanks Brent. Really Enjoyed your presentation on Nov 13.

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