Networking Tips from Santa’s Elves

We’re back at the North Pole getting ready for the big day. However, this isn’t all we do. Most of our year is spent checking and cataloguing the good deeds that people do. Being good, you see, isn’t a one-day thing, it’s an all-year thing. Santa Elves

Santa wants us to keep track of who is nice so he can make sure and reward them. We thought we’d share our observations to help you not only stay on his “nice” list, but also increase your chances of getting that special gift.

Make new friends. We have found that reaching out to others isn’t something that comes naturally to most people. It takes courage and commitment. That’s why we score it high on our Santa’s List. We find that those who do seem to have more fun and get more done. Part of the human condition is to grow a network, so those who do it well and more often will always achieve better results.

Be nice. We know that the world can be tough and testy. Santa has asked us to be especially watchful for those who are extra-nice (being nice means being approachable, sincere and warm). We find that people who have these characteristics not only score higher on the Santa List, they also attract others and build strong relationships.

Play fair. This is one area that Santa wants us to pay special attention to.  We’ve noticed that people can sometimes be very self-centered in their interactions and conversations. They don’t recognize or appreciate the value of others. Playing fair means accepting that others are just as important as you are; that’s why those who focus on it score higher on the Santa List.

Be helpful. We elves live to help. We know that helping others is the best way to get others to help you. We know people think of helping during the holidays, but we rate them on their contributions over the whole year. Those who score highest on the Santa List make contributing to others an on-going part of their attitude and their actions.

Make others feel special. This is a bonus area on the Santa List. People with this quality leave an impact on others and enrich their lives, even in a brief conversation. They have the ability and the willingness to put the entire focus of the interaction on the other person. They listen attentively, ask better questions and leave others feeling enriched simply by being with them.

Use these Santa List categories as guidelines to better connect, communicate and create meaningful relationships. That way, you’ll not only network more effectively, you’ll also score higher on your Santa List.


140805_Michael HughesMichael J Hughes, North America’s Networking Guru specializes in helping professionals increase results by improving their ability to maximize relationships. He has done extensive research on and is a specialist in, utilizing networking as a business strategy.His client list includes names like Dell, Royal Bank, Sales & Marketing Executives International, Sunlife, Workopolis and the University of Ottawa’s Telfer EMBA program. Michael can be reached at


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