My 10 Commandments for Business and Life

1. Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do something

Growth feels good. It’s part of our DNA. It’s deep rooted in sex and security. Growth doesn’t necessarily mean growing bigger because that often causes more damage to the things around us than good. It can be growing to be better. Everything outside of nature that we see around us has been invented by people like us and you can create anything you put  your mind to. It just takes heart, and curiosity. 10 Commandants  for Business and Life

2. Life is a journey not a destination, live in the now and have fun

Happiness is the ultimate goal. It’s the perfect balance of neurotransmitters in your brain to put a smile on your face. Life is too short, to not make sure you’re having fun in the process. Take time to look around at all the beautiful things around us. Take time to see the beauty in the people around you, live in the moment. From the beauty of a woman to the beauty of a tree. We all die one day so enjoy the ride while it lasts.

3. Success is great but doing something that matters is even better

The world is pretty messed up and it’s in desperate need of people who care. The problem is most people are stuck in their comfortable day job doing work that doesn’t matter. From the poverty gap that leaves people without clean water or healthy food to eat, to climate change, to soil erosion, war, world population and the depletion of energy supply. Not to mention all the broken systems in all industries including agriculture, pharmaceuticals, politics, banking, schooling, healthcare and even charity.

There’s a lot of work to be done but there are few people taking the lead. It’s our responsibility to contribute to leaving the world a better place than when we entered it. The same way we were taught as a child not to go to someone’s house and create a mess without cleaning up. Making the world a better place for the children and their children is important. It’s called respect.

4. When someone tries to intimidate you or your loved ones, don’t be afraid to punch them in the face

I learned early on that very few people have the heart to lead. They fear being the first one in. Taking the first step, throwing the first punch. They fear what people will think of them, what will happen to them, they fear they will fail or that they will let someone down. They are so scared, they stand still, they wait they contemplate but nothing happens, nothing changes. I also learned that facing your fear is where you reap all the rewards. Courage is like a muscle the more you use it the easier it gets. It’s essential in creating change.

5. Break all the rules it’s the only way to do something remarkable

Creativity is needed for a better future. It’s needed to solve important problems. Who we are is the result of the environment we lived and currently live in. The experiences we’ve been through and continue to experience. Expanding your mind and experiences expands your ability for creativity. We need to instill creativity in the younger generation as oppose to limiting them with conformity. Creativity is about recognizing patterns and connecting dots that have never been connected. It’s also about letting loose and having the courage to take the first step.

6. Family first

Love is transferred to others by where you choose to spend your time and attention. It can’t be replaced by gifts or by saying ‘I love you’. No matter how busy life becomes it’s crucial to pencil in quality time with your family.

7. Stay healthy

Staying healthy is like changing the oil in your car. It just makes it last longer, run better and avoids fixing breaking parts all the time. Without health nothing else will be enjoyable. Since happiness is the ultimate goal making sure your health is a priority is just smart.

8. Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours

We live in a world where we get paid to provide others with value, to help make people’s lives better. It’s important to help others beyond the reason to get paid though. Helping people feels good. Getting paid only feels good to a certain point and getting paid more doesn’t mean more happiness. If you want to create something big you need to help people. Help others and it will come back to you in what you accomplish and the way you feel.

9. No one told you but you’re a genius, just in your own way

Don’t do things for approval of someone else. Do it because you believe it’s the right thing to do. Never do something if you feel it goes against who you are. You’re the one that has to live with yourself after.

10. Forget getting rich quick, build a reputation of trust

As far as I know, humans are still the ones making decisions. That means people need to trust that what you say is real. What you say isn’t as important as what others say about you which means, you need to be consistent and treat everyone with respect and live with integrity. Trust facilitates getting what you want of others and vice versa. It’s insurance for the future.

It takes time to build trust which can be broken in a second, so be sure to deliver on what you say you will every time. Trust creates safety for the other person. Trust saves time and stress. Trust is the combination of credibility, reliability and intimacy done for the benefit of others over your own personal gain. The higher the trust the better the relationships, the better the relationships the more you get out of it.


Jean Luc Jean-Luc Boissonneault, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Free Form Fitness personal training studios and is a Health & Fitness Expert who specializes in nutrition, body sculpting and weight loss for business leaders.For over a decade, he and his team of expert level personal trainers have helped thousands of people of all fitness levels transform their bodies, their health and their life. He has placed 7th in the world in natural bodybuilding and first in Canada.

He has published 3 books and appears regularly in the top fitness magazines, and is a regular contributor on CTV’s “Today’s the day”. He was also just recently awarded the 40 under 40 award for his achievements in business and helping the community. Jean-Luc is also committed to his work with charitable and community organizations like the OPIN network, Weston A Price Foundation and the Boys and girls Club.

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