How to Get Rid of Basic Technology Problems

Let’s talk about technology problems that many businesses face! Maybe you are experiencing one, many, or even all of these issues:Technology problems 2

  • My email address is not professional because it doesn’t use my company domain name.
  • Too much spam is ending up in my inbox.
  • My inbox is a mess.
  • I have trouble accessing email from my phone.
  • Feels like I occasionally miss emails or that my emails are not always received.
  • My documents are everywhere; I can’t seem to find what I need when I need it.
  • The only way for me to access my documents is from my office computer.
  • I worry that my documents are not backed up and that I could lose everything if my computer were to crash!.
  • I regularly lose track of scheduled appointments.
  • I have no way of reaching my team members at any given time of the day.
  • I wish I could create more collaboration between myself and team members and among my team members as well.
  • It would be great if I could share templates or files with my team members or clients in a secure fashion online.

If any of these hit home with you, then you are definitely struggling with basic technology problems. Nowadays, any business trying to keep up with the competition needs to have their web technology working for them, not against them.

I call these “basic” technology problems because they are so fundamental and important that every business needs to be able to do these things and should be able to have them in place for very little effort and at very affordable pricing.

Google Apps for Work offers just that! Their solution includes email, calendars, document management, real-time collaboration, instant messaging, and more. What’s even better is “how” they work, they are very intuitive and clever. A joy to use.

If you haven’t heard of Google Apps for Work before, you will thank me for it. To learn more about it, sign up for our upcoming overview and demos or Google it. You’ll find tons of info online.

For my business, it is by far the most important tool we have. Our email communications are critical and with Google Apps for Work I can manage email accounts for all our team members in one easy place. Plus, it’s built off of Gmail and each person on the team gets their own Gmail account. I have all our documents centralized and can share the documents and folders I want with who I want when I want. Our whole team is reachable in Google Hangouts instant messaging and we regular collaborate in real-time on documents. Calendar management is easy as we share each other’s calendars so I can see where key team members are and even book appointments for them during their available times by checking their calendars.

7 things you can do to tap into Gmail awesomeness

Setting Google Apps for Work up can be a bit complex, but using it is a breath of fresh air. If you’d like help getting set up, we’d love to do it for you!

Imagine the time and headaches you would save if your business was free of basic technology problems. Imagine – you could actually work on your business most of the time instead of spending most of your time worrying and solving countless technology problems! Imagine it. I know you’ve been wanting this for a long time now, the solution is at your fingertips!


Jason P

Jayson Peltzer is an information expert that understands the limitless and dynamic power of the web. He founded and manages U7 Solutions, a website development firm that specializes in content marketing websites and custom business website software.



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