Leadership Essentials for the 21st Century

As leadership textbooks and practices are being discarded, rewritten and replaced; and while flatter, exponential and holographic organizations and employee engagement are emerging, wise leaders are continuously upgrading their capacities.

This article reviews “3 Rs”, “3 pillars”, “3 must-grow” levels of leadership, and takes a peak at “the primary invisible source” of everything, including leader’s success, profit, money, and wealth; courtesy of cutting-edge science. Leadership

The 3 Key “Rs” of Leadership: the leader must play the right roles, insure right relationships and deliver the right results. Granted, vision, people, strategy and execution are important. However, a company cannot grow unimpeded, if the top leader does not play the right roles, nurture the right relationships and achieve the right results all along the growth curve of the company’s life cycle.

The 3 Key “Pillars” of Leadership: in an environment of disruptive and faster paced innovation, it is imperative that the leader masters Coaching, Mentoring, and Stewardship to be effective. These are amongst the oldest leadership pillars but they need to be retrofitted for the 21st Century. Fortunately, there is no need for certification to become great at coaching, mentoring and stewardship, as certified professionals themselves need continuous upgrading.

The 3 Key “Must Grow” Levels of Leadership: the nature of reality, a scientific truth, is that everything is either growing or contracting. Growth is crucial at three levels: top leader, executive team and organization-wide. If a company is struggling to grow or to move to the next level of its growth-curve, the leader must start with a self-growth introspection and ensure growth at the other two levels. Successful leaders invest in their own continuous education to remain relevant and valuable to their companies.

The “Primary Invisible Source” of Profit, Money, Wealth, and Everything Else: simply put, cutting-edge science has revealed that an invisible substance of the universe “molds” human thoughts and feelings into reality. In other words, our current reality – struggles, failures, easy wealth, peace of mind, loving relationships, etc. – is an outward expression of our past inner reality. Leaders have a vested interest in nurturing an organization-wide environment to ensure proper “moulding” of their desired future results.

To learn more about the above topics and upgrade or hone your leadership, coaching, mentoring and stewardship knowledge and skills, you are invited to attend a complimentary hands-on practical half-day workshop offered for the members of the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce on September 29th, 2015. Click here to register


Jean-Baptiste Sawadogo is the President of Leader One Inc, “The Trusted Confidant for the Chairman, CEO and CFO”. He is a co-creator of “Results-Based Management” and the creator of “Quantum Leadership for the New HumanTM“. He serves leaders in their desire to lead innovation, build happy wealth and enjoy the lives of their dreams.

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