Entrepreneurship: Ignorance Made Me Do It

When I opened my first fitness club I borrowed $250 000 from the bank and placed a huge weight on my shoulders knowing that IF I didn’t succeed my girlfriend’s mother (now mother-in-law) would lose her house.Entrepreneurship

Understand that I grew up as a poor kid from Clarence creek, so a quarter of a million dollars should have scared the shit out of me. But it didn’t. The number didn’t scare me at all.

I was so confident that I would succeed, failure never even entered my mind.

Knowing exactly how to pay it back wasn’t on my mind. Neither was knowing what the population in the area was or the income level or the traffic in front of the place. Heck the only fitness club in the area had just closed down and I didn’t even care to know why.

I found a location in what seemed to be a good area. It just seemed to make sense so I committed to helping those people get healthy. That simple.

You see ignorance made me do it. Having asked an accountant or any professional for their opinion at that time would have killed my dream.

I knew intuitively it was a good idea and I went for it.

Now a days I like to mentor people with a dream. People that were just like me.

What I’ve noticed is a world filled with self doubt. 

You would think that going to business school would have made a difference?

In fact people who go to school for a long time seem to be the worse. They’re too “smart” for their own good. People with great ideas. Smart people with great work ethic that want to build something they would be proud of. But they don’t fully believe in themselves and fail to take action.

They analyze the situation until they convince themselves it’s a bad idea. They spent most of their lives at the mercy of someone else’s judgment of their own intellect. Many are tired of learning, while the learning is only beginning. Some feel that they need something more before getting in the game, as if an executive MBA will be the solution to their fear.

They’ve looked for a pat on the back from someone else for too long while the uneducated entrepreneur learned to pat himself on the back.

Believe in yourself. There will always be someone there to tell you that your dream is unrealistic, too hard or just plain crazy. Courage and determination are intangible assets that only you can measure. What you need more than any “how to” is to believe in yourself 100% and to have the courage to take action beyond anyone else’s opinion. If you can do that and be great at adapting to change, you will succeed.

Jean LucJean-Luc Boissonneault, is the Co-Founder and CEO of Free Form Fitness personal training studios and is a Health & Fitness Expert who specializes in nutrition, body sculpting and weight loss for business leaders.For over a decade, he and his team of expert level personal trainers have helped thousands of people of all fitness levels transform their bodies, their health and their life. He has placed 7th in the world in natural bodybuilding and first in Canada.

He has published 3 books and appears regularly in the top fitness magazines, and is a regular contributor on CTV’s “Today’s the day”. He was also just recently awarded the 40 under 40 award for his achievements in business and helping the community. Jean-Luc is also committed to his work with charitable and community organizations like the OPIN network, Weston A Price Foundation and the Boys and girls Club.

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