How to Boost Your Employee Engagement through Behaviour and Technology

So many organizations have yet to catch up and adopt modern web technology practices internally. We’ve all seen the power of social media, social networking, and user-generated content on the Internet, but how many organizations can say they are leveraging this power to bolster their bottom line?

In fact, many organizational leaders still see the use of social networking as a negative addition to the workplace. They feel like employees will waste time and be less productive. When in reality, when used strategically, the opposite is true.

Interestingly, some of the largest changes associated with social media are behavioural not technical. The good news is that when you combine the technical and the behavioural aspects of modern web technology the possibilities are endless.

The Internet is a beautiful place. It’s so easy to meet new people, find like-minded people to collaborate with, to learn from others, to ask for help, and to get things done. Meeting people, collaborating, learning, and help seeking are all behaviours that are enabled by technology.

Organizational leaders are coming around to the idea that web technology can help, but have they yet realized that they can create this same experience within their own organizations too?

By transforming their static old corporate brochure website they call the Intranet, into a dynamic, up-to-date, two-way communication platform organizations can empower and engage their workforce towards the corporate mission! Loyalty, passion, personal drive, a sense of belonging – those can be words your employees use to describe their experience at your organization.

When people feel listened to, they feel respected. When they feel respected, they feel proud and like they belong. When they feel like they belong, they want to know everyone and stay informed. When they are connected and informed, they achieve more. And when your staff achieves more, your organization does too.

This cycle starts with the ability for each and every employee to express themselves and ends with a dramatic increase in employee engagement.

Interested in learning more about strategies to improving your employee engagement? Signup for our upcoming lunch & learn in Ottawa on January 26th!

If your workforce does not seem as engaged as it could be, then you might want to consider re-assessing your Intranet web platform and consider the important behaviours that your existing set up is enabling or preventing.

Jason P


Jayson Peltzer is an information expert that understands the limitless and dynamic power of the web. He founded and manages U7 Solutions, a website development firm that specializes in content marketing websites and custom business website software.


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