Protect your business. Protect your people.

Who am I hiring? Are my company’s proprietary information, finances and assets in good hands? How well are my business and my people protected against theft or fraud? Consider the following:

  • Canadian retailers lose about $4 billion a year to theft, accounting errors and damaged products.
  • CBC News reported that fraud in the workplace cost Canadian businesses over $3.2 billion.
  • According to the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada, 26% of firms with fewer than 500 employees have been cheated by an employee.
  • Nearly one-fifth of all incidents of violent victimization, including physical assault, sexual assault and robbery, occurred in the victim’s workplace.
  • While 60% of retailers performed pre-employment screenings before hiring new employees, only 29% screened for a criminal background.

When you simply can’t afford the risk of taking a job candidate’s word as assurance of their good character and qualifications, including a criminal background check as part of the hiring process is a wise investment. The traditional option is through name and date of birth verification (CPIC check). As a business, it’s as easy as setting up an account through an accredited agency and directing job candidates to apply online. The electronic application process (eCPIC) is private, efficient and takes minutes. Results about the applicant will be emailed to you in as little as 72 hours if no criminal record is present.

For even greater workplace protection, more and more businesses are choosing certified criminal background checks with fingerprints. The first reason: fingerprints are considered the most accurate method for verifying a person’s true identity. The second reason: the RCMP announced it plans to phase out CPICs in the coming years, at which point the only acceptable standard for civil applications will be certified criminal record checks with fingerprints.

Criminal record checks are a powerful ally in crime prevention, alerting you to individuals who might pose a threat to you personally or professionally. Just as importantly, you’ll know which applicants are exactly who they say they are and whether they possess the law-abiding integrity and qualifications you need to optimize and diversify your talent pool.


CEO photo cropped


Paul Guindon is the CEO of Commissionaires Ottawa, an award-winning private security company whose services include pre-employment screening, criminal background checks and digital fingerprinting.




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