3 powerful yet simple things you can do to improve your website

Your website is your business. Often, it’s the first interaction people have with your brand. It’s by far your most important selling tool.

There are lots of things you can do to improve your website, but here are three important and simple things that business owners can do.

  1. Track visitor behavior

Tracking the behavior of visitors to your website is a must. You can’t optimize your website if you don’t understand your customer base. Try installing Google Analytics. This tool allows you to collect data about your visitors’ behavior such as where they are from, how they got to your site and what pages they are visiting the most. This is invaluable information at your disposal that can help you turn your website into a better sales tool by knowing how users interact with it.

  1. Display testimonials

Many businesses fail to use one of their best assets for marketing: satisfied customers. Testimonials are important because most people make purchasing decisions based on what others are saying. Providing recent testimonials and showcasing your work on your business website will be social proof that new customers will see.

Why not try to add an easy way to collect testimonials on your site? If you’re doing great work, don’t be shy or afraid to show it off! Often all you need to do is ask a happy client for a testimonial.

  1. Capture email addresses

A failure to collect emails and build a newsletter list is another mistake business owners make. Email marketing is the most valuable marketing channel you can develop. You own the list and it is a direct line to clients, prospects and other interested parties that allows you to send them content, news or promotions.

Adding a newsletter signup to your homepage is of great benefit to your business. Make sure you are offering something of value to entice users to sign up. Examples of these freebies include: whitepapers, e-books, exclusive promotions or PDFs.

What else?

There’s more for sure! These are only three of many ways you can optimize or improve your business website. Be sure to check back soon, as we will be looking at other elements of web technology that can help your business.

Want to learn more? 

On October 25, join U7 for a seminar on 30 Ways You Can Improve Your Business Website.  This seminar will identify and explain 30 ways you can improve your business website. Participants will gain a better understanding of what to look for when assessing their own websites against commonly held best practices for web-technology. $25 with breakfast.

Tuesday, October 25, from 8:00 am to 10:00 am at Clocktower Brew Pub – Glebe. Register Here

Jason P


Jayson Peltzer is an information expert that understands the limitless and dynamic power of the web. He founded and manages U7 Solutions, a website development firm that specializes in content marketing websites and custom business website software.




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