How to Move Towards a Paperless Office

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) rely heavily on the ebb and flow of documents to successfully manage their client communication. The need to access valuable business assets from any device, multiple locations, whether the internet is accessible or not has lead the way for file sharing services to enter the marketplace with a plethora of options. User-friendly applications and the mobile landscape has resulted in a much sought after IT goal for many SME’s—becoming a “paperless office”.

Transferring sensitive documents via e-mail isn’t the most secure method of collaboration. It also is not an effective way to store or manage the in-take, work-flow and retention of business critical data. When your company has outgrown its file share solution, and when versioning issues makes finding documents time-consuming, selecting a better tool to manage document life-cycles becomes top priority. The security and privacy interests that are at stake make selecting the appropriate tool essential to your business.

Given today’s cloud offerings and incentives, targeted IT strategies can enable your SME to adopt cost-effective tools and aid in the transition to a paperless office. Operating in today’s competitive landscape requires businesses owner’s to become not only experts in their core competencies but extend their knowledge base to incorporate technology to drive their business forward. That’s why for over 23 years, business owners in the Ottawa-area have turned to Compulite to help implement the proper business tools that can provide real results, improve efficiencies, collaboration and ultimately lead to business success.

File sharing, remote access and collaborative environments have quickly become a top requirement for businesses. The reliability and usability of the services your company utilizes will have to be fully vetted to ensure success and to mitigate any potential impact on business functions.

Using SharePoint as a document management system stands out from the competition due to its customization features. Going beyond document management, SharePoint can also serve as your firm’s intranet. SharePoint is a browser-based collaboration tool that will streamline access to relevant data. With enhanced concurrent editing, check-out and versioning features that enables you to revert back to a previous edition even after it’s been edited, many rely on SharePoint to manage their firms’ data.

SharePoint has several sought after features including:

  • Advanced Search
  • Workflow Automation
  • Customizable Web Parts
  • Records Management
  • Multimedia Libraries
  • Business Intelligence
  • Large File Size Support
  • Cross-Platform Support

The main decision factor to consider when deploying a document management system will  be how your firm chooses to store its critical data– on servers stored within Canada, or on a third party server that may be subject to foreign laws.

The legal industry typically has a higher security profile compared to other market verticals. With highly sensitive data and communications being interchanged on a daily basis, it’s important to ensure that the document management portal you deploy appropriately addresses your security requirements. Adopt security measures to monitor the integrity of the data your portal collects or holds. This can be done by auditing access rights, digital signatures, archival policies, metadata, and ensuring that the documents stored in the portal are backed up. That way a corrupted file can be replaced by an untouched copy.

With the growing demand to have access to calendars, tasks, email, and documents from multiple devices from multiple locations, cloud solutions are likely an attractive avenue. Through the use of hybrid solutions (a mix of on premise or cloud solutions), or your own “personal cloud” you may just be able to have your cake and eat it too!

Consider the current company size along with future growth, as well as how staff will be interacting with the information on the portal.  Assessing the benefits and risks of using cloud software vs. an on-premise document management solution with your IT service provider will help in selecting relevant technology solutions.




For over 23 years, Compulite has delivered expertise to local Ottawa clients seeking network management, collaboration and technology consulting services. Our in-house team of advisers provides a personalized and proactive maintenance approach for small to medium sized businesses looking to optimize their IT solutions. Whether your server is slow or you’re having problems with e-mail, or are looking to take advantage of cloud services with Office 365, Compulite offers support services on a flat monthly fee for any budget.

Since no two clients or industries are alike, we tailor the needs assessment process and technology deployment phase to meet your top functional priorities. As flexibility and speed are the common denominators in all business functions, we focus our energy and resources to provide a one-stop-shop service experience.


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