Membership Advantages: How Two Members Joined Forces to Launch New Company

The Ottawa Chamber of Commerce has an extensive network of leaders, key influencers and entrepreneurs in the business community. We are dedicated to introducing, connecting and referring our members to:

  • potential customers and clients
  • future employees and business partners
  • high-profile business professionals
  • political leaders and public figures
  • government officials and regulators
  • entrepreneurs and up-and-comers
  • community partners and not-for-profits
  • consultants and service providers
  • stakeholders and investors

As but one of many examples, Suzanne Cyr, CEO of Rimikon, and Hamed Zayed, CEO of Ottawa Print Services, met through the Ottawa Chamber. The introduction was the result of a word-of-mouth referral followed by a hand shake. What began as Suzanne’s requirement for printing services to promote extra low voltage lighting solutions evolved into friendly exchanges and updates about each other’s businesses.

Like Suzanne, Hamed was in the process of introducing new revenues streams and growing his business. One of his new business lines was the launch of rent-as-you-go mini billboards. While exploring how to design lit signage, a new idea literally “came to light.”

Together, Suzanne and Hamed recently launched a new company called SnapLite—a proprietary LED lighting signage solution that’s unlike any other on the market. Weighing less than 10 pounds with removable panels that snap in or out in seconds, SnapLite can light up a brand, image or message unlike any other printed display. (For more information, visit

Beyond networking, the Chamber has been at the forefront of advocacy for leadership, learning and technological advancement. We have developed courses for businesses, guided decisions about taxation and pension reform, and participated in diplomatic relations. The Chamber has also administered group insurance plans, monitored budgets at every government level, and obtained funding for business, social and charitable causes far and wide.

Above all, membership is about pursuing economic, civic, social and cultural transformation of our community—one hand shake at a time.


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