Using Analytics for Better Hiring and Employee Retention

Bias is almost (but not entirely) unavoidable when it comes to making day-to-day decisions, and hiring decisions are no exception. Though everyone has certain biases and can be swayed one way or another by their bias, an effective safeguard used is analytics. Predictive analytics help organizations hire, eliminating the natural human bias that occurs in the decision-making process. By gathering and analyzing objective data, we can obtain neutral input into the hiring decision.

The thing about predictive software that makes it so effective in creating impartiality is that it ignores race, gender, culture, physical appearance and all other bias-generating factors. Fit and future success in a role is based solely on natural behavioural and cognitive traits when you eliminate the human component and let the software do the work.

The Predictive Index suite of Assessments helps us do just that. Candidates complete a 2-question assessment taking between 5 and 7 minutes, and the software then determines which candidates would be the best fit based on their behaviour characteristics and cognitive abilities. This provides great insight before Human Resources even meets in person. These tools are effective and save time, allowing for smoother, faster hiring and onboarding.

To learn more, join Eric Walker of Predictive Success on January 18th 2018, between Noon and I PM at the Ottawa Chamber of Commerce, 328 Somerset St. W for good food and discussion on how predictive analytics can help you hire more effective employees!  Register here to save your spot!

Categories: Business, Human Resources

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